How are various floor types installed ?

Most of our floors are laid floating meaning that they are not fixed to the subfloor. This system allows for natural movement of wood and keeps the flooring in good shape. Depending on your requirement, our technical team is well qualified to recommend the most appropriate solution suitable for your project.

How durable are your floors ?

All of our floors, be it laminate or real wood, come with long manufacturer warranties. With proper maintenance as per guidelines, you can enjoy your Span floor for years to come.

Are they easy to maintain ?

Yes. Just consult your Span floors representative & follow the suggested maintenance guidelines.

How do I choose between various types of wood floors ?

It depends on your requirements. We recommend that you discuss this question with the Span floors sales consultant who is well trained to help you arrive at the right choice.

Can the floors be refinished when we renovate ?

It depends on the flooring type. Real wood floors with real wood layer upwards of 2mm can be sanded & refinished if needed. With our oiled floors, the sanding requirement generally does not arise. Laminate & wood veneer floors can not be sanded & refinished. However, these floors have a very durable surface treatments which allows for years of trouble free use.

Can I relocate my floor ?

In most cases, yes. Please consult you span floors representative for exact information.

What if some part gets damaged ?

They can be repaired or changed. Call us for more information.

Are the materials used in your floor healthy ?

Absolutely. Most of our products come with an E1 certification & CE Label. These certifications confirm our products conformity to stringent standards as applicable under building legislations of countries such as Germany, the whole of European Union etc.

What about the environment? Do your products qualify as green building products ?

At Span floors, we take our responsibility towards this area seriously. Any product, in order to be a part of our collection, has to qualify this important criteria. Normally all manufacturers we source from are certified FSC or PEFC certification holders. Should you have a project where you have to meet a certain criteria, please speak with a Span floors representative and we will be glad to provide detailed information.