Solid or engineered? What to choose…

Satinder Chawla

Engineered hardwood floors have been a recent entrant to the market. Till now most of the real wood flooring that has been sold in our market was Solid. Lately a lot of customers have been asking this question.. Which is better? Thought I must write a blog on this to bring out the real facts and try to clear the air.

Let’s first understand the composition of each. Solid wood is just that…a flooring plank made out of a solid piece of wood, tongue and groove created on either side and surface finished (natural/stained) with a suitable protective coat (Polyurethane/Lacquer/Oil). The wood is seasoned to suitable moisture content for increased stability. Coming to engineered flooring, this product is once again made of real wood (contrary to some misconception that it is not real – basically a perception generated by the word ‘engineered’). The basic difference is the plank construction hence the word ‘engineered’.

Customize your wood floor!

Satinder Chawla

This is the latest in the world of wood flooring!

You can now order and have personalized wood floors created, made exactly to your specifications. This revolutionary new technology enables manufacturing of wood floors (real wood and laminate both) with a design of customer’s choice whatever that may be. Anything that can be photographed, painted or created on a computer, can be recreated on the floor.

Span floors uncovered!

Satinder Chawla

Sharing information quickly and as easily as possible has become an important aspect of any business today. Websites, besides other mediums, play a very important role with the ease of access to the internet and fast download speeds available now. A 24 hour virtual showroom as we call it!

That was precisely the intention we had when we started on the Span floors website makeover. Our current website looked good (with a lovely model gracing our homepage) however; it lacked the depth of information and ease of navigation. We wanted it to be much more informative and useful for our customers besides offcourse looking good!

Our (love & business) affair with wood

Satinder Chawla

For centuries, we as a species have been in love with wood! It has adorned the palaces of the kings and served the paupers alike, albeit in different forms though. It’s natural beauty and versatility has lead it to be used from simply a fuel to the most elegant and intricate wood floors.

Coming to our subject, use of wood for the purpose of flooring has been extremely popular in Europe, Americas and Japan just as stones has been in our subcontinent. Reasons vary from availability to suitability in the local context and from personal choice to design requirements internationally.

How to educate and win?

Satinder Chawla

Recently we conducted a workshop wherein we invited a few Architects and Interior designers for an interactive session on wood floors. The idea was to move away from standard or traditional advertisement to a better way which could give people real benefit and in the process make us known as well.

I had observed quiet a lot of misinformation or unclarity on the subject during my various interactions in the market (wood floors being a relatively new phenomenon in our country) and the thought emerged why not start an educative seminar on various aspects of wood flooring and help all concerned understand it better?

Love at first sight

Satinder Chawla

This was the summer of 2000, we were relocating our office to a new place. Business was growing and we needed a bigger and better place to display our collection of office chairs (we were only into office seating business then). Were really exited about it and thoroughly enjoying the experience. The entire place was designed by us (me and my partner) and the execution was going on.

Saving your reputation?

Satinder Chawla

During a recent project, we installed a solid oak floor for a customer who is big interior contract firm at a commercial office site.

As the execution job was running behind schedule, management at the contracting firm asked us to go ahead with the installation despite all manner of activity happening at site. Naturally we protested. But the clients would not listen.

The story behind my first blog

Satinder Chawla

Hi…this is the story about my decision on writing a blog!

Well, it all started with My dear friend, Akshar! He is a guy with a multifaceted personality and one of his talents is harnessing the power of web in helping people increase their business ( . As he is currently redoing our website (making it much more informative and really user friendly), we wanted something that would make it LIVE and FRESH! Hence the idea from the boss which was “Boss if you want to make the site really interesting, share your knowledge and ideas thru blogs. Write them ! “ Me WRITING, BLOGS!! Now what the hell Is it?? And why do I have to do It??

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